Meet The Pet iD Detective – From The Past!

We’ve all heard of Ace Ventura Pet Detective..

But have you heard of the pet id detective?

pet id detective

Back in the early 60s and 70s arose a very strange criminal. One that in today’s world would probably just be sent to the looney bin!┬áThis guy was known as the “PET ID detective” who masqueraded as a vet to create a trustworthy image to the public in the day…

…Yet stole the equivalent today of $10,000 worth of….

HC Pet Id Tags

Yep, pet tags at night!

Hence the formidable name – The “PET ID” Detective.

By having a stream of dogs with metal id tags attached to their collar, the pet tag id detective stole every single one of them – replacing them with a cheap knock off alternative.

Id tags, who would of thought of it.

Today a criminal of this magnitude would probably not be punished against the pet code of practice.

Or by watching the video below:

However in the 60s the notorious pet tag smuggler stole in excess of 10,000 id tags from dogs and cats coming to check their health.

Despite this, he managed to forge an impressive empire!

How did he not get found?

Like any creative business man – part psychopath he offered a free vet service. Then as a gesture of goodwill would ask the pet owners to donate anything they had so he could continue studying to be a vet.

Meanwhile he was taking pet tags and forging id’s with cheap plastic fakes and profiting from the metal tags.
Now days the closest alternatives you will find to free pet id is at Dog Tags For Pets but back then our favourite detective had more id tags than most amazon retailers today.

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